Why Buy American?

Strengthen Your Economy and Preserve Your Environment

Unfair competition from foreign producers threatens the future of American manufacturers and workers, while at the same time destroying our environment. Reports show that "Buying American" helps to strengthen the economy, creates new jobs and promotes responsible, environmental practices. Read a more thorough investigation about the benefits of "Buying American" below.

  • Understanding the "Buy America" Requirements for Water Infrastructure Projects

    Since 2014, the U.S. Congress has on multiple occasions passed legislation that supports the jobs of thousands of hard-working Americans. This legislation requires that all iron and steel products used in water infrastructure projects funded by the Drinking Water and Clean Water State Revolving Funds, and Water Infrastructure Finance and Innovation Act program must be produced in the USA.

    McWane is your go-to source for the high-quality domestic iron products that comply with these requirements.

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  • Buying American, Supporting the Economy

    This document describes how unfair competition from foreign producers threatens the future of American manufacturers and workers, while at the same time destroying our environment. Our tax dollars should be used to "Buy American" manufactured goods for taxpayer-financed projects, thus creating and preserving millions of high-paying jobs, slowing the migration of jobs and investment to other countries and protecting our environment for future generations.

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  • Buy American, Buy McWane

    McWane is the leader of the waterworks manufacturing industry, setting standards nationwide for sustainable manufacturing processes that protect American jobs, the environment and the health and safety of its team members. This report describes some of McWane.s efforts.

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  • Made in China: The Threat to our Environment

    This report details the devastating impact on the environment resulting from the migration of manufacturing jobs and operations overseas. Chinese iron foundries and steel mills generate significantly greater pollution for each ton of castings shipped than a foundry in the United States, and pose an immediate threat to the environment here in the United States.

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  • Americans Overwhelmingly Support Buying American

    A recent and extensive bipartisan survey, sponsored by the Alliance for American Manufacturing, demonstrates that more than 90% of American voters support "Buy American" policies and rank jobs as their top priority for Washington (Even Over The Deficit). This report outlines the details of those survey results.

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  • Buy America Works

    "Buy America" is a proven job creation tool that is broadly supported by Congress, the American people and hundreds of local governments throughout the United States. "Buy America" provisions should continue to be utilized in infrastructure and other spending bills so that our manufacturing base can thrive and so that more Americans can earn a paycheck and contribute to the overall welfare of the nation. This report contains numerous stories describing the success of "Buy America" requirements in both saving or creating manufacturing jobs and capacity in the midst of a severe economic downturn.

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