Pressure Vessels Divisions

  • Manchester Tank

    Through five U.S. and one Australian facility, Manchester Tank offers a full line of pressure vessels, from D.O.T. propane cylinders and ASME tanks to hand-held torches, all provided in a wide range of sizes and shapes and all conforming to strict code requirements and safety standards.

    Manchester Tank and Equipment Company provides means for transporting and deploying propane and pressurized gas and fire-suppression chemicals. The Manchester Tank facilities produce a complete line of low-pressure vessels for propane, air, refrigerant, and industrial applications.

    Propane tanks are manufactured for home and industrial applications, including custom designs. The company also supplies welding cylinders, tanks for reclaiming refrigerants, and pressurized chemical storage and transportation tanks. Manchester also manufactures accessories such as hand torches, tank feet, and HVAC bladder tanks.