McWane Global Divisions

McWane Global develops the international and domestic growth of McWane across many sectors and industries.  Notable activities include:

  • McWane International, the worldwide sales arm for McWane’s traditional water and sewer products
  • International business investment and development, featuring the following current projects:
    • McWane Gulf, a valve, hydrant, fittings and soil pipe plant in Abu Dhabi
    • McWane India Private Limited, a back office operation in Coimbatore India providing engineering and technical support for McWane’s worldwide operations
    • A new valve and hydrant operation in Coimbatore that manufactures and sells metric valves and hydrants in India and other worldwide markets
    • International product and equipment sourcing from Asia
  • New product development and sourcing in multiple areas, including Sure Stop gaskets for DI and PVC pipe and fittings, metric valves, hydrants and fittings, new pipe joints and other products
  • McWane Coal Sales, which provides metallurgical and steam coal to industry

McWane Global is leading the long term growth of McWane, both at home and abroad.

  • McWane International

    McWane International coordinates the sales of McWane waterworks, fire protection, plumbing products and ductile iron poles across the globe. The team is active in South America, the Caribbean, the Middle East, Asia including China and the Pacific Islands.

  • McWane Gulf

    McWane Gulf, located in Abu Dhabi in the United Arab Emirates, began operations in 2015.   The new, state of the art plant will serve the Middle East and North African (MENA) markets, producing infrastructure products including valves and hydrants, cast iron soil pipe and soil fittings, ductile iron fittings and drain products.

  • McWane India Private Ltd

    An engineering and technical support office in Coimbatore, India, serving McWane’s internal customers.

  • MIPL featuring Kennedy Valves

    McWane India Private Limited has opened our new operation in Coimbatore, India, to produce high-quality Kennedy Valves and fire hydrants for the large and growing Indian market. The factory will also export these products to Latin America, the Middle East and Asian markets.

McWane Global Executives

  • Michael Keel
    Michael Keel Senior Vice President of McWane, Inc. and President of McWane Global 205-323-8289

    Mr. Keel joined McWane in 2004 as Senior Vice President Compliance and Corporate Affairs. Before joining McWane, Mr. Keel most recently served as Executive Vice President of Operations at United States Pipe and Foundry Company and before that was President of Sloss Industries.

    In addition to his role at McWane, Mr. Keel is President of the Sloss Furnaces Landmark board and Vice President of Sloss Furnaces Foundation board.  In addition he serves on the boards of the Alabama India Business Partnership (2015 President), the Norwood Resource Center, and Steward Machine Company.

    Mr. Keel is a graduate in mechanical engineering from Duke University and is a Registered Professional Engineer in the state of Alabama. He also has an M.B.A. from the University of Alabama at Birmingham. Mr. Keel and his wife Karen have one son and live in Birmingham.

  • Gopi Ramanathan
    Gopi Ramanathan Managing Director – McWane Global for Asia and the Middle East; & Senior Vice President of McWane Global 205-323-1858

    Gopi Ramanathan joined McWane Global in 2011 as Senior Vice President of McWane Global, spearheading growth of international operations especially in the Asia and the Middle East.

    As Managing Director of McWane Global for Asia and the Middle East and Senior VP of McWane Global, he continues to support the growth of McWane in Asia by implementing company’s goals of achieving long term strategic success while meeting short term forecasts. In addition he works across McWane’s industrial and technology businesses to support international growth, product design and development, sales support services, global supply chain and quality oversight including for plant machinery. He continues to help the group establish, build, direct and manage international operations capability manufacturing and services which support and enable the growth goals of McWane, including revenue and investment opportunities in the region.

    Previously Gopi held senior management roles in private and public limited companies both in the USA and in India and served as board members in several of them. He has extensive experience in startups, business expansion, building and managing overseas teams, and with international stakeholders.

    Gopi earned a bachelor in Mechanical Engineering and a post-graduation degree in Management from Bangalore. Gopi and his wife Latha have one daughter.