Ductile Iron Pipe Divisions

McWane, Inc.'s ductile iron pipe facilities make products that bring safe, clean water to our homes and businesses. Corrosion resistant, for longevity in water and sewage systems, and machinable,  for ease in field modifications, ductile iron pipe surpasses its competitors in terms of durability, strength and ductility and is lighter and more cost-effective than cast iron. Ductile iron maintains a maximum margin of safety against service failures and provides a durable and reliable solution for utility systems.

McWane proudly belongs to the Ductile Iron Pipe Research Association (DIPRA).

  • Canada Pipe

    McWane distributes ductile iron pipe products manufactured at its U.S. facilities to all of Canada through its Canada Pipe division.

  • McWane Coal

    Located in Alabama, McWane Coal is the company’s natural resources division. It manages the mining of McWane's coal reserves producing both metallurgical and steam grade coals. In addition, it manages McWane's substantial timber plantations that supply the local paper and lumber industries.

  • McWane Ductile

    The first McWane foundry, McWane Pipe, was organized in 1921 in Birmingham, Alabama. Today, McWane Ductile continues to supply ductile iron pipe used in water infrastructure found in cities across America.