McWane University

McWane University

At McWane, our goal is to improve ourselves through educational and training opportunities.

Training at McWane, it falls under McWane University and central to McWane University is the McWane Way, a core set of values based on the company’s heritage of integrity, competence, respect and fairness.

McWane believes that team member training and development is an investment in the future success of our company. By providing our employees with the opportunities to advance their knowledge, we increase value for our customers, team members and the communities where our products are used.

More than 1,000 managers throughout the company have completed McWane University's Casting Leadership Excellence, a three-day professional development course designed to equip all management personnel with the knowledge, methods, practices and skills to be truly effective leaders and to enhance their potential for growth within the company. As the next step to Casting Leadership Excellence, McWane subsequently developed and piloted its Clear Management Training Program, a 28-hour course that focuses on the fundamental competencies we believe every team manager must possess in order to be effective: self-awareness, communication, conflict resolution, mentoring and coaching and performance management.

McWane University 2.0

The extensive knowledge and training packages offered traditionally are now available online, including most of the environmental, health and safety, human resources and ethics and compliance training courses that occur at McWane and its globe-spanning network of facilities.

Online computer based training (CBT) is provided by organizations that specialize in first-class online education and training. The entire online library for McWane contains over 600 courses.

McWane University 2.0 — learning and training and staying sharp are now only a click away.